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Soutions Pvt.

Our Company

InspieNeo Solutions Pvt. is actually, a compnay name we given it, was fonded in 1998. The name of the company was InspieNeo Communications. The Communicatins worked on few projects was very successful. Due to the extension of large amount of work and services We dedecatedly thought to give a new name to our organization which will be a great for our Classical & Neo Customers.

Organizational Chart

Our Works

The company provides a large number of solutions for Small, Mediam & Large Industries. We have developed many Business Software Solutions like Accounting Software, Inventroy, Sales, Purchase, Human Resource Management, etc. for Textile, Manufacturing, Foods, Education, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Retail & Wholesale, Financial Services, Software & Technology industries.

Our Departments

Our Company corporating with Accounts, HR, Sales & Marketing, Research & Developments, Software, Testing & Deployments, Online/ Offline Help Desk & System Support Departmnets.

Technologies We adopted

Generally the Microsft technologies we have adopted like Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015 (intenting to) for the User Interactivity. In parallel, besides ASP.NET, PHP is commonly used for Visual Interfaces for Web. Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, sqLite, PostgreSQL used for data storage.

Our Team

Exactly, we are working togather in Professional & Technical etiques to communicate with each other. It is very helpful in promote a professional culture in our organization.

It is a speciality that our etiques inspire to our Customers and provide enough setisfactions about our experties. Help & Support is a plus to maintain our culture.

Our further Relations

Really, our progress lies on stong ties which absolutely be helpful to move forward our company. Further companies attachments, looking for, surely assist to fast these achievements.